Friday, August 23, 2019

The Role Transport Innovations, Including Containerization, Play in Essay

The Role Transport Innovations, Including Containerization, Play in the Emergence and Development of International Business - Essay Example This reflects on the growth of efficiency and productivity gained by international firms owing to the use of containers in the transport of merchandises along global regions (Levinson, 2010). Based on the above discussion, the paper intends to critically analyse the use of transportation and containerization practices in the enhancement of international trade. It would tend to analyse the impact of development of transportation infrastructures and containerization in international trade. The above evaluation would be conducted while also endeavouring to understand the factors prompting such growing significance of transport and containerization in international trade. Innovation generated in the existing modes of transportation is observed to potentially impact the growth of global trade and business mechanisms. The development of oceanic transport across the Atlantic Ocean is observed to largely benefit the growth of American trade and economy. Similarly, the emergence of the jet plane is also observed to potentially contribute in the swifter movement of documents and cargo from one part of the globe to another. This also contributed in the development of trade and business activities on a global sphere. Innovation generated in the development of ocean transport systems is also observed to make the same cost effective in nature (Ballenger,2000). The cost effectiveness of transport activities conducted through oceanic transport is observed to sustain a reduced price of products traded on an international business platform. Development of faster and easier means of transport is taken to rightly contribute in the effective utilisation of resources available on a global scale to generate efficiency and productivity in trading activities along multinational borders. This feature in turn contributes in promoting the development and growth of future trading and economic activities along the international markets (Afuah 2009) The