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Staying Connected Essay -- Technology, Social Medias, Smart Phones

What is the first thing we do when we get on our smart phone? Check Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is amazing how society stays connected today. With the technology we have, societal networking has reached new heights in popularity and usefulness. The applications to complaisant media are endless from sharing pictures, songs, microblogging, and online dating, there is something in it for everyone. With the endless possibilities of social media, commonwealth can use it as a wonderful thing or abuse it to become a bad thing. With great power comes great responsibility, and social media is no exception to the rule.Social media can have a negative impact on society for several reasons. One of the first and main issues is privacy. large number put so much information on the internet that they would never tell a stranger. People put questionable pictures on Facebook that are later on regretted when viewed by an employer or boss. On Facebook people fill out biographies of thems elves from date of birth all the way to where they live. They might as well put their social security number on there for anyone to see. The number of identity thieves has risen drastically over the past decade. With internet stalkers looking up and knowing everything almost their victims, it is easier than ever to steel someones identity. Another problem with putting information on the internet is that companies take this information and sell it for advertising purposes. From a sales persons view, this is the perfect opportunity to save money. Marketing teams have been trying to figure out how to specifically target each potency customer as cheaply as possible. Today they have figured out the key to this social media. Have you ever wondered how the advertisement that pops... ...ocial media has redefined the way we live, for remediate or worse. It has the potential to be one of the greatest inventions in history. But until citizens become responsible as a whole, we cannot handle this power quite yet. boilers suit social media does more harm than good today, but with future corrections and revisions this could change for the good of mankind. Works CitedLee, Ellen. Social Sites Are Becoming Too practically of a Good Thing. San Francisco Chronicle(2006) Rpt. in Issues across the Disciplines. Ed. Jennifer Pickel. Vol. 11. New York City The City University of New York LaGuardia College, 2011. 152-55. Print.McCarthy, Ellen. Oh, What a Tangled Online Dating Web We Weave. Washington Post, 2009. Rpt. in Issues across the Disciplines. Ed. Jennifer Pickel. Vol. 11. New York City The City University of New York LaGuardia College, 2011. 152-55. Print.

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Artificial Sweetener Aspartame is Generally Safe Essay -- essays resea

false sweeteners are a food additive that attempts to duplicate the taste of sugar while utilize less food energy. Artificial sweeteners aro apply be used for weight loss because they have 4 calories per gram and are 180 to 200 generation sweeter than regular sugar so less is used. Some examples of artificial sweeteners include Saccharin, Sucralose, and Aspartame. There is ongoing controversy whether artificial sweeteners are health risks because some studies display that they cause diseases in research laboratory rats. The following disscusion will deal with one such artfical sweetener Asparatame. Aspartame, under the trade name of NutraSweet, is a white, odorless, crystalline powder, which is synthesized from aspartic pane and phenylalanine. They are two course occurring and essential amino acids. Aspartame was first discovered in 1969 by a researcher, Mr. James Schlatter, at G.D. Searle & Company. The U.S. Food and Drug cheek (FDA) approved Aspartame in 1981 for use in tabletop sweeteners and various foods and dry beverage mixes. In 1983, Aspartame was approved for use in carbonated beverages and since then, has been approved for use in any foods and drinks. Aspartame has many benefits. It has a very similar taste to sugar but, unlike sugar, it does not promote tooth decay. Aspartame does not contain many calories so it can help people act their weight. As well, Aspartame doesnt require insulin to metabolize therefore it is useful for patients with diabetes. They can have the benefit of a sweet taste, without elevating their tune sugar. But, as the saying goes with the fragrancy of honey, may come the sting of a bee. The safety of Aspartame has come into question.The reason why some believe that Aspartame may ... ...adies from Alzheimers to cancers to Parkinsons. However follow-up studies and follow-up of previous medical studies concluded that the majority of serious illnesses for which the artificial sweeteners were blamed were unfo unded. The few concerns that were confirmed depended upon ingestion of massive amounts of the product. The opposite concerns, like restless thole syndrome and hypoglycemia, are minor associations. Olestra, a fat substitute, can be considered generally safe but with unpleasant side effect when food containing the product is consumed in moderately larger portions than average. All in all, for the general population, artificial sweeteners and fat substitutes are safe. A caveat can be made on an separate basis if a person finds that whenever he ingests these products he experiences unwanted symptoms, then the products should obviously be avoided. Artificial Sweetener Aspartame is in general Safe Essay -- essays reseaArtificial sweeteners are a food additive that attempts to duplicate the taste of sugar while using less food energy. Artificial sweeteners can be used for weight loss because they have 4 calories per gram and are 180 to 200 times sweeter than r egular sugar so less is used. Some examples of artificial sweeteners include Saccharin, Sucralose, and Aspartame. There is ongoing controversy whether artificial sweeteners are health risks because some studies show that they cause diseases in laboratory rats. The following disscusion will deal with one such artfical sweetener Asparatame. Aspartame, under the trade name of NutraSweet, is a white, odorless, crystalline powder, which is synthesized from aspartic acid and phenylalanine. They are two naturally occurring and essential amino acids. Aspartame was first discovered in 1969 by a researcher, Mr. James Schlatter, at G.D. Searle & Company. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Aspartame in 1981 for use in tabletop sweeteners and various foods and dry beverage mixes. In 1983, Aspartame was approved for use in carbonated beverages and since then, has been approved for use in any foods and drinks. Aspartame has many benefits. It has a very similar taste to sugar but, unlike sugar, it does not promote tooth decay. Aspartame does not contain many calories so it can help people manage their weight. As well, Aspartame doesnt require insulin to metabolize therefore it is useful for patients with diabetes. They can have the benefit of a sweet taste, without elevating their blood sugar. But, as the saying goes with the sweetness of honey, may come the sting of a bee. The safety of Aspartame has come into question.The reason why some believe that Aspartame may ... ...adies from Alzheimers to cancers to Parkinsons. However follow-up studies and review of previous medical studies concluded that the majority of serious illnesses for which the artificial sweeteners were blamed were unfounded. The few concerns that were confirmed depended upon ingestion of massive amounts of the product. The other concerns, like restless leg syndrome and hypoglycemia, are minor associations. Olestra, a fat substitute, can be considered generally safe but wit h unpleasant side effects when food containing the product is consumed in moderately larger portions than average. All in all, for the general population, artificial sweeteners and fat substitutes are safe. A caveat can be made on an individual basis if a person finds that whenever he ingests these products he experiences unwanted symptoms, then the products should obviously be avoided.

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Pearl as a Symbol in Nathaniel Hawthornes The Scarlet Letter Essay

Pearl as a Symbol in The Scarlet LetterThe Scarlet Letter, scripted by Nathaniel Hawthorne is a book of much symbolism. One of the most complex and misunderstood symbols in this novel is Pearl, the daughter of Hester Prynne. The novel opens with a scene in which we learn about the sin Hester has connected, adultery. Hester has a baby and she refuses to turn in her babys father, Arthur Dimmesdale. Because this sin is considered to be one of the worst in the Puritan society, Hester is forced to demote a scarlet A which stands for adultery. Hester also has to stand on a scaffold in front of the townspeople to punish her for the sin in which she has committed and also as an example to the crowd. Throughout the novel, Pearl functions as a symbol in many ways. Initially Pearl is the symbol of Hesters public penalization for her adultery. As the novel progresses, Pearl becomes a constant reminder of Hesters sin. She relates to the scarlet letter, but while not symbolizing the sin itself, she symbolized the result of sin. Pearl would oft nag her mother and became in...

Insulation :: essays research papers fc

insularityIntroduction     The experimenter is testing on denim, cotton tee shirt material, wool theoretical account, caloric underwear, polyester fabric, and a Ziplock basis with no insulator.From research the experimenter learned that wool is a fine soft wavy hair thatforms all or part of the protective coat of a sheep. Since ancient times it washarvested to provide clothing and is an important part in textile trade beca engagementof its insulation. Woolen fabric is when the woolen system uses short or mixedlong and short fiber where no combing is done. It has a rough appearance and is roughly fitted for blankets, overcoats, and tweeds. Denim which the experimenteris also testing is the material used to make blue jeans and is currently one ofthe worlds most popular fabrics. It is fairly heavy and is made with a bluecotton warp and a white cotton filling (Groilers, 1996). The thermal underwearis duofold, with an outer layer made of 65% cotton, 25% wool, and 10% nylon, andan inner layer made of 100% cotton.     Its the winter again and the weather is becoming colder. Each morningmany people wonder what to wear to go forward as warm as possible, but they arentsure which material will keep them warmest. The experiment was chosen to seewhich clothing insulator retains the most heat. "Insulation is material thatprotects against heat, cold, electricity, or sound." (Science Encyclopedia,1984). In this case the insulation will be protecting against a cold temperature.     The hypothesis is if denim, cotton T-shirt material, wool fabric,polyester fabric, thermal underwear, and a Ziplock bag with out insulatingmaterial are tested to see which one retains the most heat, then wool fabricwill retain the most heat because it holds an important place in todays textiletrade because of its good insulation and the fact that it comes from theprotective coat of sheep who need to stay warm and use that as t heir insulator.ProcedureThe first thing the experimenter does is fill the inside of five, gallon-sizedZiplock bags with the insulation material so it is one centimeters thick allaround. Leave the sixth Ziplock bag empty because it will serve as the controlgroup. Then fasten the insulating materials to the inside of the gallon sizedZiplock bag with adhesive tippytoee.     Next the experimenter boils ten pints of tap water and let it cool until(using the candy thermometer) the temperature drops to 49 degrees Celsius. Thenimmediately fill each of the six canning jars with equal amounts of the water.Immediately after that drop a regular thermometer into each jar, and cap it

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Symbolism in Fuentes Aura Essay -- Carlos Fuentes, Aura Essays

On the surface, Fuentes Aura is a very strange and eery book. It draws you in and keeps you there, forcing you to read the book to its very end. Just below the surface, a world of symbolism, words and parallels lead to a greater understanding of what is happening throughout this captivating tale. Skimming the surface of the story, an abundance of symbols can be signaled out, but a recurrence of symbols is very important. One of the most prevalent symbols found in this story is the darkness of Senora Consuelos old colonial mansion. The house is so dark the characters must learn to maneuver by sound and touch. The darkness sets the tone for the consentient story. Senora Consuelos room is not bathed in light but filled with perpetual shadows. Of course darkness and shadows are a staple of the Gothic, but darkness could too be suggestive of the unknown or not being able to think clearly. Shadows could be interpreted as that which is clouded, hard to grasp, or just beyond clear vision. Did the darkness and shadows contribute to Felipe?s state of mind and make him more susceptible to Senora Consuelos will? The rooms where the action of a story takes propose are also very important. Some the rooms used in the book are bedrooms, the dining room, the parlor, and the enclosed garden patio. The first room we have inside of this old house is the garden patio. This room is interesting because the smell from the patio is always associated with the title character. Felipe looks for her in this garden he smells the patio plants in her hair. Symbolically, the garden can be associated with the mind, with the unconscious, or it may give you clues to your own inner state. The plants, flowers, and fruit found in the garden may also rise t... These symbols and recurrences are not coincidental or superficial, but upon investigation, give deeper insight into how deeply the mindset of our main character was affected. We now know that Felipe had almost no choice and was lulled into this household. Then there is a plausible explanation about the true relationship between Aura and Senora Consuelo. This book turns out to be a very strange life/death cycle that still leaves questions that need to be answered. Work CitedFuentes, Carlos. Aura. Trans. Lysander Kemp. New York Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1981.Fuentes, Carlos. Worlds Apart. Modernism/Postmodernism. Ed. Peter Brooker. London Longman, 1992. 244-46.Gillespie, Kathleen A literary Legend Speaks ? Carlos Fuentes at the Askwith Education Forum 1 de Diciembre de 2003http//

Symbolism in Fuentes Aura Essay -- Carlos Fuentes, Aura Essays

On the surface, Fuentes Aura is a very strange and supernatural book. It draws you in and keeps you there, forcing you to read the book to its very end. Just below the surface, a world of symbolism, words and parallels lead to a greater understanding of what is happening passim this captivating tale. Skimming the surface of the story, an abundance of symbols can be signaled out, but a recurrence of symbols is very important. One of the most prevalent symbols found in this story is the darkness of Senora Consuelos old colonial mansion. The house is so dark the characters must learn to maneuver by sound and touch. The darkness sets the tone for the building block story. Senora Consuelos room is not bathed in light but filled with perpetual shadows. Of course darkness and shadows are a staple of the Gothic, but darkness could alike be suggestive of the unknown or not being able to think clearly. Shadows could be interpreted as that which is clouded, hard to grasp, or just beyond cl ear vision. Did the darkness and shadows contribute to Felipe?s state of mind and make him more susceptible to Senora Consuelos will? The rooms where the action of a story takes guide are also very important. Some the rooms used in the book are bedrooms, the dining room, the parlor, and the enclosed garden patio. The first room we look out inside of this old house is the garden patio. This room is interesting because the smell from the patio is always associated with the title character. Felipe looks for her in this garden he smells the patio plants in her hair. Symbolically, the garden can be associated with the mind, with the unconscious, or it may give you clues to your own inner state. The plants, flowers, and fruit found in the garden may also put up t... These symbols and recurrences are not coincidental or superficial, but upon investigation, give deeper insight into how deeply the mindset of our main character was affected. We now know that Felipe had almost no choice and was lulled into this household. Then there is a plausible explanation about the true relationship between Aura and Senora Consuelo. This book turns out to be a very strange life/death cycle that still leaves questions that need to be answered. Work CitedFuentes, Carlos. Aura. Trans. Lysander Kemp. New York Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1981.Fuentes, Carlos. Worlds Apart. Modernism/Postmodernism. Ed. Peter Brooker. London Longman, 1992. 244-46.Gillespie, Kathleen A literary Legend Speaks ? Carlos Fuentes at the Askwith Education Forum 1 de Diciembre de 2003http//

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Health Care Museum Essay

My proposal for a new wellness c be h either of fame museum would include several things. My museum will represent tribute to the five most signifi raiset developments in the evolution of health care in the United States. These developments has helped change and save the feels of many another(prenominal) people. evince 1 Vaccines and MedicationsVaccines and Medications are very important. With these two we do had a significant decrease in the number of people that were hospitalized or caused death. With the advances in medical science you can be protected against more than diseases. Medicines can either heal, prevent, or stop diseases or a sickness. Medicine can be used in the devise of a tablet, syrup, drugs, and exercise. When we get sick we take medicine for many different reasons. With the help of medicine it will restore us back to normal.Exhibit 2 Prevention and Control of Infectious DiseaseIf you do not have control of infective diseases from spreading, then we all can b e at risk of a big epidemic of disease that are contagious. You have different community partners and health care providers that work with people to discuss the pros and cons of the infectious diseases. We all should work together to prevent the spreading of any kind of germ. This can be something as simple as washing your hands more frequently throughout the day. You would also use vaccines and medicines to prevent and treat infectious diseases.Exhibit 3 TechnologyTechnology is a great advancement for the health fields, especially now that it is improving every day. Technology has become an important source to obtain medical information. Everyone is using technology on so manydifferent ways. They are using it to reach wider populations, contact with patients, public awareness, community outreach, and any questions that you may have medically, you can chat with doctors and nurses online as well.Exhibit 4 Medical EquipmentMedical Equipment is something I choose, because with the diff erent types of medical equipment it can save many lives. You have different types of medical equipment. Diagnostic medical imaging machines are used to help with diagnosis. MRI, Ultrasound, CT scanner equipment is used to maintain a persons function. These are just some of the medical equipments. You also have other machines that monitor your vital organs in your body. Like EKG machines to monitor your heart, lung and dialysis machines.Exhibit 5 OxygenOxygen is submited by all living organism. Without oxygen humans will not be able to survive. In institutions like hospitals, they keep a supply of oxygen in transmission line that is provided to patients who have difficulty breathing. We must take care of ourselves in order to have a longer life span and in order to live healthy. All of my exhibits that are presented to you, I feel are very important and vital in the health care field. These are all thing that we need in the health care and in order to survive.Reference1. wellness S tatistics. Health U.S. 2010 With Special features on death and dying. Hyattsville MDCDC, National Center for Health Statistics, 2011

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Theme in Housman’s “to an Athlete Dying Young”

? Theme in Housmans To an Athlete Dying boyish By Genea Cannon Dr. A. Kantor English 1302 6 March 2009 To an Athlete Dying Young by A. E. Ho enjoymentman The time you won your town the race We chaired you through with(predicate) the market-place Man and boy stood cheering by, And home we brought you shoulder-high. Today, the road all runners come, Shoulder-high we get under ones skin you home, And set you at your threshold down, Townsman of a stiller town. Smart lad, to slip too soon away From fields where glory does non stay, And early though the laurel grows It withers quicker than the rose. Eyes the shady night has shut Cannot see the bring down cut,And silence sounds no worse than cheers After earth has stopped the ears Now you allow not swell the rout Of lads that wore their honors out, Runners whom renown outran And the name died before the man. So set, before its echoes fade, The fleet foot on the sill of shade, And hold to the low lintel up The still-defended challenge -cup. And round that early-laureled head Will flock to gaze the strengthless dead, And find unwithered on its curls The garland briefer than a girls. Thesis and Outline Thesis Housman uses visual imagery, double-meaning words, and life cycles to develop a beginning of fading glory. I. Visual Imagery A. armorial bearingB. Effect II. Double-meaning Words A. Presence B. Effect III. Life Cycles A. Presence B. Effect Genea Cannon DC English 1302 Dr. A. Kantor 3/6/09 Theme in Housmans To an Athlete Dying Young In Alfred Edward Housmans To an Athlete Dying Young, the solution of fading glory is evident throughout the piece. Knowing and comprehending the theme is important to understanding the poem. Housman uses visual imagery, double-meaning words, and life cycles to develop a theme of fading glory. Visual imagery is used in many ship canal to accede the theme. In the first stanza, the narrator is remembering the day that the runner won a race for his town.When Housman states that Man and boy stood cheering by, And home we brought we brought you shoulder-high (Housman Lines 3-4), it is obvious that the athletic supporter was praised because he was placed on an emotional/psychological pedestal as well as a sensual one (Napierkowski 230). Next, Housman states that Today, the road all runners come, Shoulder-high we bring you home, And set you at your threshold down, Townsman of a stiller town. (Lines 5-8) These lines vividly paint a picture of the athletic supporter being carried high again, but this time the jockstrap in his own casket on the way to his grave.The grammatical construction The road all runners come expresses the s thrillers awareness of the mortality of all tidy sum (Napierkowski 230). The story is continued in line 7 by burying the body at his threshold. The threshold may literally be the physical edges of a grave, but it could as well refer to the boundary between earthly reality and the creation of the dead (231). This shows that all peopl e will die and that this crabbed athlete was held high even though he was on the way to the grave, because he died young and was still remembered for what he had done in his life.Another use of imagery is shown in lines 11 and 12, when Housman says And early though the laurel grows It withers quicker than the rose. This is showing that the athlete gets his fame early in life, but just bid the laurels, his glory fades quickly. The idea of a laurel leaf representing the brevity of physical beauty and strength is furthered by its comparison to the feminine and delicate rose, which grows early in the season and withers and dies quickly (but not as quickly as the laurel) (231).In the last stanza of To an Athlete Dying Young, the image of the dead athlete having already passed through the threshold and existing in the world of the dead is presented. The athlete is wearing the victory wreath made of laurel. The only difference in the wreath of laurel in the world of the dead and the wre ath of laurel on earth is that the laurel does not ever fade in the world of the dead. The garland is expressed as unwithered, reiterating Housmans theme of the permanent victory an early death might provide (232).These are a few of the ways that imagery shows up the theme of glory fading throughout the piece. Not only does visual imagery present the reader with the theme, words that have double-meaning also play an immense role in the poem by Housman. One instance of double-meaning words is in the fifth stanza when it is said Now you will not swell the rout Of lads that wore their honors out, Runners whom renown outran And the name died before the man. (Lines 17-20) These lines strengthen the observation made by the speaker that at some point all athletes will fade in their ability to substantiate such a performance and win. Glory is fleeting. The only way a person can capture it and make it last is to die young after achieving greatness (Cummings). Their renown eventually outrun s them because they can no longer uphold their athletic reputation by sustaining their peak performance, their reputation, or name, dies before they do (Napierkowski 231). And the name does not actually die it actually fades from peoples memories, whereas the person dies. This is where the double-meaning comes into play. Since the hero-athlete of this poem has died while at his peak, he will not have to become part of this rout (crowd) of has-been athletes (231). Words that have double-meanings play a big role in the output signal of the theme in poem written by Housman. In addition to visual imagery and double meaning words, life cycles have an important stamp on the theme of the poem. Lines 9 and 10 of Housmans poem say Smart lad, to slip away From fields where glory does not stay, These lines are saying that glory does not remain upon the earth long after a while the accomplishments you achieved will be forgotten. The speaker suggests that the athlete was smart to die and die the natural world, where glory does not stay (Napierkowski 231). Had the athlete grown older, the townspeople would have forgotten his accomplishment when other runners replaced him, meaning other runners would steal the glare when the athlete was no longer the best. This shows that heroes cycle through our lives like people who cycle through our lives. Alfred Edward Housmans To an Athlete Dying Young has an interesting theme of fading glory.This theme is presented through visual imagery, double-meaning words, and life cycles. These three things used in the poem vividly paint a picture for the readers mind presenting the theme in a way that the reader can not miss. Works Cited Cummings, Michael J. To an Athlete Dying Young. Cummings Guides. 27 Jan 2009. 3 March 2009. . Housman, A. E. , To an Athlete Dying Young. The Collected Poems. London Jonathan Cape, 1939. Napierkowski, Marie Rose, and Mary K. Ruby, eds. To an Athlete Dying Young. Poetry for Students. Vol. 7. Detroit Gale, 199 8.

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Causation of Crime- the Two Theories 1 Essay

The two theories I chose to comp be and contrast are the Trait and Choice theories. These two theories exempt why people break criminal offences but differ in reasoning. I found that the main difference in between the two is that the choice possibleness states that if people want to commit a villainy they will if the benefits outweighs the punishment. The trait theory differs because it deals with testosterone and whether or not people with lower IQs are more(prenominal) liable to commit crimes.When looking at the two theories you will see that the first theory is more straightforward and the second one leans more towards taking the blame away from the individual and placing it their traits. I like the fact that the choice theory states that if a person is going to commit a crime they are going to do it. Not only does this theory cover the fact that the person committing the crime weighs his or her options but might also do it out of enjoyment of act. The trait theory takes the responsibility away from the individual and places it on traits such as testosterone.I feel that this theory allows people to commit crimes and later on say that it was due to producing too much testosterone or use their IQ as an excuse to escape the fact that they committed a crime. Making the person accept responsibility for their actions it what should happen and the choice theory seems to lean more towards that as opposed to the trait theory. I would associate the guns and crime trend to the choice theory. The reason for this is because most people who commit crimes with guns already piss the intention to use it. This means that they already made up their minds and have chosen to commit the crime.For instance gang crimes that involve guns, these individuals use guns, in their minds, to gain territory or even for retaliation. In a ten grade span that covers 1997 -2007 there were 650 homicides (Krueger, 2007), this means that 650 times the people have made the conscious choice to kill someone. Out of those numbers, 290 of them have been by shootings (Krueger, 2007). That is some literal food for thought when you add the choice theory into the equation. Gutierrez, K. (2007). Albuquerque metro area saw 54 homicides in 2007. Scripps Newspaper Group. Retrieved from http//www. abqtrib. com.

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The Four Noble Truths in Buddhism

There ar some(prenominal) things that crapper be give in a religion. The inclination of a religion is to give hope for life after death and to give peace of psyche during life and a reason to live in a mor al angiotensin-converting enzymey right demeanor. There atomic number 18 so many religions in the world and so many questions that ar answered within each religion. Buddha was born a prince save he continuously looked at many things that were going on outside of the palace and the lives that the commoners lived. While doing this he decided to start changing how he lived his own life.During this time he began practicing meditation in an undertake to find a reason for his behaviors. Later he changed his name to Buddha and then he began to minister and speak to the people. Buddha spoke about a continual peace and interconnection with those who were around them (Palmer, Cooper, and Corcoran 2001, pp 1-4). One of the main foundations in the religion of Buddhism is the idea o f the quaternity noble truths. There argon four noble truths in the practice of Buddhism. The four noble truths are the qualification of life.These truths are that thither is life that is qualified by execr commensurate, that pathetic has a cause, that thither is a state beyond measly, and that there is a path to the state (Lopez 2001, p. 15). In the Dali Lamas teachings on the four noble truths he talks about the general lust for all to make believe happiness and for them to not have comporting. He also talks about how these truths are all encompassing (1981 p. 1). The first noble truth is the truth that there forget be miser subject in life.In his talks on the noble truths, the Dali Lama states that all people experience various geeks of suffering. He also divides suffering into three categories. These categories are the suffering of suffering, the suffering of change, and the all-pervasive suffering. The suffering of suffering trick be described as something like a h eadache. Some compositors case of thing that inflicts suffering on mortal and that there is no reason for the suffering and there is nothing to come from the suffering so the suffering is purely suffering.This type of suffering is not exclusively experienced in humans but also in animals and this type of suffering is also troublesome in animals as it is in humans and they to a fault wish to be freed from this type of suffering. Since there is a fear of these types of suffering and a desire to eliminate the suffering there is a strong desire to find paths to end this suffering and there are many diverse ways that individuals tin choose to end this type of suffering. This type of suffering can also be described in the types of suffering that occurs when people are found to be living in poverty or having to suffer in this way.The Dali Lama reminds that everyone is up to(p) to tell that this type of suffering is suffering and that a relief of some sort is needed (1981, p. 1). Th e second type of suffering can precisely be described s the suffering of change. This type of suffering is something that is experienced when someone becomes restless and wants some type of change. There are so many things that can occur as well. The way that the Dali Lama describes this type of suffering is that we are sitting comfortably relaxed and at first, everything seems all right, but after a while we lose that feeling and get restless and uncomfortable. Unlike the suffering of suffering when someone experiences the suffering of change it can in conclusion come in the form of something that could have previously been thought of as great or wonderful. For instance if someone is able to begin earning money and evidently get out of the situation of poverty as described in the previous paragraph then they might believe that life is going to be unwrap. The disappointment that money is unable to buy happiness through things that could now be owned is what could be known as the disappointment of change (1981, p. 1). The threesome type of suffering is all pervasive suffering.This type of suffering is the basis of the first two types of suffering. The Dali Lama speaks about this type of suffering as the type of suffering that contains the main principles of things like karma. This type of suffering is that there is simply suffering in life because there is suffering in human life. This is the type of suffering that causes some people to take their own lives and commit suicide and is the all pervasive suffering that these people do not feel they will ever be able to escape from. This is also what is behind the disturbing minds that are part of the human existence.With this type of suffering there are many things that the follower of Buddhism can learn and learning about this type of suffering can only cause there to be a more wild and better life. The Dali Lama supports that killing yourself isnt going to solve your problems and therefore works with the f ollowers and those for whom he is speaking to be able to better fuck their feelings and not feel that the act of suicide is necessary. This is the final type of suffering for which the Dali Lama speaks about and the final type of suffering in the first noble truth which is the truth of suffering (1981, pp.1-2). The second of the noble truths is the truth of the cause of suffering. The Dali Lama first talks about how the unbent Buddhists believe that there is no external creator and that even though a Buddha is the highest being, even the Buddha does not have the power to create new life. Through Buddhism it is taught that the ultimate cause for approximately suffering is the mind. This is centre that the mind has the power to control the thought offset and many of the feelings that occur which are contradict. These negative feelings can include many different and various forms of negative thought.The idea behind this truth is that if one has the power to control their mind th en they are able to control their thought process and by thinking fewer negative thoughts then the benefit to the person will be that they will be more enlightened and feel better overall. The Dali Lama states that one should work hard to not try to grasp a true existence and this is what is behind many of the negative thoughts. With the negative thoughts and the negative karma that is used. It is also thought that the negative actions that are there involved are also what is behind all negative actions.This is the reason for which the middle way is promote (1981, pp. 2-3). The third of the four noble truths are that there is the truth of the cessation of suffering. The Dali Lama speaks about how there are many things that are grasped by the mind and how to train the mind to not grasp certain things will help the mind to be able to manage certain feelings and issues through this if one is able to end the disturbing negative minds, the cause of all suffering, then we will end the suf fering as well. This is important as it proposes that each person is in charge of ending their own suffering through being able to rid themselves of all of the negative things that are available. This truth is further taught when practicing the middle way and that by practicing the middle way one is able to end his/her suffering (1981, p. 3). The fourth of the four noble truths is the truth to the path of cessation. This is that the path to being able to find the middle way is a journey that each must take. The Dali Lama speaks of the thirty seven things that are needed to reach enlightenment.This is the path that those who are motivated to liberate themselves from suffering. These thirty seven factors to enlightenment are through the five paths. The five paths being the four close placements of mindfulness, the four miraculous powers, the four pure abandonments, the five powers and the five forces, the seven factors of enlightenment, and the eightfold path. The other way that one is to travel through the paths of the cessation of suffering was through the six intuitive perfections. This way is through practicing both the methods and wisdom.Through these types of journeys it is said that one can end all suffering and find his/her way to enlightenment (1981, p. 4). The middle way is what the Buddha taught as the end to all suffering. This middle way is the belief that there is good neither through extreme indulgence or through depravation. The middle way is the belief that there is a great way for things to be thought of for the middle of life. This is that one should live in the middle realms of things and that each person should attempt to work on how they can find the perfect middle life for themselves (Lopez 2001, pp.28-29). The Eightfold Path is thought to be another way to end all suffering in the practice of Buddhism. The Eightfold Path is the overall ways that Buddha taught that one could reach enlightenment. The beginning of the Eightfold Path is un der acquiting. There is having a fellowship and understanding of the four noble truths. The way that is described in the fourth noble truth is in itself the way of the Eightfold Path. These also include that there is a Truth of Change and the Truth of No Self. The Eightfold Path is uses the understanding and adoption.The understanding is that one is able to do. The acceptance is that there is an overall acceptance that there are things that we could not change (MacPhillamy 2001, pp. 1-3). The Eightfold Path also teaches that there needs to be a place of thought. This place of thought is where one is able to introvert into his/her mind and is able to therefore create and control the thoughts that he/she has. In his article on the Eightfold Path, MacPhillamy is talking about the things that can keep one from being able to reach enlightenment.These things being that there are little lies, deceptions and fantasies that we tell ourselves inside our heads all day long. Thus meaning th at the things that one might tell him/herself in order to be able to manage their feelings are really one of the biggest things that will keep them from enlightenment (2001, p. 3). The nigh three parts of the Eightfold Path are speech, action and livelihood and they form their own group. With these things it is overall the process of changing them to where their main focus is on inner peace.By acting right and in the moral manner for these things can change the overall issues. There are also Three Treasures Precepts. These are that I take refuge in the Buddha. I take refuge in the Dharma. I take refuge in the Sangha. These are all things that are a part of the unified way of life that includes these three things if they are not all included then it is impossible for one to be able to stand on the issues within him/herself. There are also the Three Pure Precepts. These are that I will cease from evil. I will do only good. I will do good for others. The idea behind these three thi ngs is that if we continue to do these three things then our lives will be easier and there can be a reassurance and knowledge that all is well through these things (MacPhillamy 2001, pp. 3-6). The next part of the Eightfold Path are the Ten Great Precepts. These precepts are I will cease from killing. I will refrain from stealing. I will refrain from abusing sexuality. I will refrain from speaking untruth proficienty. I will refrain from selling the wine of delusion. I will refrain from speaking against others.I will refrain from being proud of myself and belittling others. I will refrain from memory back in giving either Dharma or wealth. I will refrain from indulging anger. I will refrain from defaming the Three Treasures. There are also the forty eight less grave precepts that should be followed however the top ones have been listed. The next parts of the Eightfold Path are the ideas of effort, mindfulness, and mediation. With the idea of mindfulness there are some things to keep in mind. With mindfulness it is necessary to Do one thing at a time. Pay full attention to what you are doing.When your mind wanders to something else, bring it back. Repeat step number three a few hundred thousand times. And, when your mind keeps wandering to the uniform thing over and over again, stop for a minute and pay attention to the distraction maybe it is trying to tell you something. Pure meditation is postulate in being able to maintain ones beliefs and the issues of one being able to manage his/her overall journey through the Eightfold Path (MacPhillamy 2001, pp. 6-15). Also when analyze the four noble truths it is essential to study the overall experience and belief in Nirvana.The idea of Nirvana is the idea of absolute truth (Lebiniz 1999, p. 4). Nirvana can also be described as the overall goal for one who is practicing the four noble truths as the idea of Nirvana is a place where there is an end to all suffering and end of all other types of frustration an d other problems (Buddhism p. 1). Being able to know that Nirvana is achievable and being able to believe in that is the faith that many Buddhists need in order to be able to manage how things are going and to be able to encourage appropriate actions from others and within themselves.Being able to reach a state where there is no pain and no suffering is a dream come true to many. This is in the end the way that happiness can be achieved. In studying the four noble truths of Buddhism many different parts of the religions and beliefs of Buddhism need to be followed and understood and in the end reaching the point of Nirvana or the end of all suffering will help others to be able to be more motivated.These overall steps to reaching enlightenment were formed by the Buddha from his own experiences in awakening what he was to become (Eckel 89). References Buddhism The Search for Enlightenmentl, Retrieved on 26 April 2009 from http//plaza. ufl. edu/cp9470r/project2/beliefs. html Dali Lama 1981, The Four Noble Truths, Retrieved on 27 April 2009 from http//www. lamayeshe. com/index. php? sect=article&id=380 Eckel, MD 2002, Buddhism, 1st ed, Oxford University Press, New York, NY. Lebiniz 1999. Buddha-Buddhism Religion, Retrieved on 26 April from

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Globalization: Economics and World

By reading Skidelskys article, he demonstrated a great explanation virtually the globalization and the future strategy for the orb. harmonise to this article, Skid sky analyzed the past financial recession influence to the military personnel and the current worlds major issues in the world. In the Skidelskys article, he provided main(prenominal) arguments about globalization development after the collapse in autumn 2008. Before he provided a solution for the recession, Skidesky illustrated the current align problems in the world with examples and scholars theories.According to analysis Keynes and related theories, pointing the main problems of globalization, he believed that the most likely fate for globalization is to cooperate and implement joint solutions, which will be a quantum leap in the world to solve multiple problems. According to Skidelskys statement, the cooperation is necessary, which only accrued among states with the same values. Under this statement, he stated that the cooperation would be a useful tool to reduce the conflicts between democracy and globalization, which stated that non-democracy is important for states.Skidelskys provided other two plectrons for the world, including creating a world sovereign and a project of Pax Americana. By comparing with among those three options, related a theory applies and real examples, Skidelsky demonstrated that the cooperative is the main option for the world to recovery from the global financial crisis. In order to ensure his argument more convinced, he also analyzed the current economic world situation with two scenarios, disintegration and global compact, which are only relying on specific countries or groups.Therefore, to solve the recession issue to the world, the cooperative becomes necessary, because the world cannot fell the recession. In the cooperation theory, only the vital state can become democratic. Within the whole nation, stronger states should follow the rules to assist the w eaker states to boost their economy. Skidelsky used the project for a league of democracies, George Soros to prove that cooperative between states is important. In the non-democratic version of cooperation, China and Russia are the major examples in the world.Furthermore, he demonstrated the game theory and treaties, which depended on the self-interest, which becomes the main element to development cooperative in the worldwide. From my opinion, I believed that the cooperative is the main issue to solve the recession issue in the world. With the development of globalization, a stronger farming should assist other country to boost on their economic development. There is no economic government in the world. All countries and states need to focus on their self-interest and use power of cooperative with other countries to recovery from the financial recession.The implement cooperative solution is to reform in the state by cooperating deep down the country and cooperating with other co untries in the world. By making joint efforts, the recession will be cut and the globalization will be powerful. Therefore, Skidelskys about cooperative argument is advancing and significant. There new solution will assist the world transfer from political economy to cooperation economy and the global financial recession will be reducing.

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Oil/Gas Pipelines: Opportunities and Challenges

Oil has become the most in-demand product in the world. It has become the center of round-table discussions, and never that a single day passed without it being on the youthfuls. go down in its supply could mean the downf all of nations, especially the industrialized one and only(a)s. This was evident in three world petroleum crises in 1973, 1979, and a brief one in 1990, which reversed the flow of money, making the cover-producing countries in the Middle East the vital force that could change the engageion of the future of the world. Their cut-offs in production direct to the creation of policies and rules on consumption, saving, and independence from oil.A nation, controlling the production, selling, and over-all management of oil, is vouchd of a remarkable posting in any field of the worlds lifestyle, moreover most importantly in politics and economics (Tanter, 2007). To become something like this, a nation should invest in ways on how to transport oil from its sources to its consumers, like the creation of networks of origins.Research and development projects have been carried out and continuously be done to meet the challenges in connection with oil and hired gun pipelines. One of these is the move drive to discover more oil and gas reserves locked under the earth or offshore. There are still many places in the satellite that need to be explored. Even the most extreme environments should be included, like what they did to the North Sea.Designing and manufacturing pipes will still emerge as one of the important factors in the realm of oil and gas pipelines. Through the years, designs have been continuously improved to accommodate several factors like environment, and the nature of oil and gas. Researchers now consider the direct relationship of the size of the diameter of the pipe with the flow capacity of the product. Moreover, they also examine the expansion and contraction of pipes during the transfer of training of oil and gas due to sign ificant temperature change, which could result to cracks, collapse tensions, and other similar effects. Materials will continuously be tested to determine the best for pipes. Though steel is already being used, improvements are still being done to test durability. Stresses and fractures, especially offshore projects, should be accounted for to minimize the percentage of failure. Cathodic protection against corrosion should be upheld to the highest level to assure the survivability of the pipes throughout the project.Terrorism attacks on pipelines will remain one of the most feared human phenomena. This is due to the fact that whenever pipelines are bombed or attacked, industries are affected. With this, countries should strengthen their monitoring schemes to meet the safety and zero attack on their pipelines.Keeping with the laws of nature and environment also poses great challenge to companies engaged in oil and gas pipelines. Discovery of new sites for extraction will always enco unter similar scenario with the trans-Alaska crude pipeline project, which was delayed for nine years, because the construction of pipelines was attached to environmental issues (Kennedy, 1993). Environmentalists will still be around the corner to watch the movements of oil companies.A greater challenge is on the side of politics and regulation. Better policies and laws covering the construction of pipelines, and transportation of oil and gas should be enacted to cover threats and possible failure-causing movements, especially in explorations crossing two different countries. Faster approval of laws should be done to maximize the economic potentials of the ascertained oil and gas reserves.The greatest challenge could be the offering of affordable price of pipelined products to consumers. Companies must take note that the advancements they make with pipe designs and manufacturing, and the entire pipeline construction and transportation project, should go at par with the purchasing po wer of consumers, who are directly affected by any oil price hike.Since the boring of the first commercial oil well in 1859 in Pennsylvania, the evolution of pipelines has gone a long way, though remaining as the most scotch way (Kennedy, 1993). Oil and gas pipelines are efficient, using only 4% of the energy content of the transported product. This is far better in comparison with other modes of transportation like water, rail, and trucks (Dykesteen & Frantzen, 1991).Higher levels of technology give way for the development of better pipes and more sophisticated pipeline networks. These could yield higher efficiency rate and better military service for the people, who basically need the product in their everyday living.The construction of countrys own pipelines could spell independence from importing oil and gas from inappropriate countries. This could also alleviate problems on oil crisis, and cut-off on importation rate. This could consequently clip the country to economic pros perity because of the removal of the burdens of oil importation.Pipelines transport oil, and innate(p) gas from extracting wells located in the different parts of the globe, including the most hostile areas like Alaska and Siberia. These products are then refined, and prepared for consumption by all citizens in all corners of the world. These products when properly used could continuously fuel the economic progress of any country involved with it.ReferencesCBC News Online. 2006. The price of oil in context. Retrieved 29 June 2007. http//, E & K Frantzen. 1991. Multiphase Fraction Meter Developed and Field Tested. Oil & Gas Journal. 18 February 1991 50.Kennedy, JL. 1993. Oil And Gas Pipeline Fundamentals. 2nd ed. Oklahoma PennWell Books.Tanter, R. 2007. Pipeline Politics Oil, Gas and the US Interest in Afghanistan. Znet. Retrieved 29 June 2007. http//, J. 2006. Additions on the Capacity of the US Natural Gas P ipeline Network 2005. Energy Information Administration, Office of Oil and Gas. Retrieved 29 June 2007. http//

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Vampire Academy Chapter 10

TENEXCUSE ME, MR. NAGY? I CANT really concentrate with Lissa and Rose passing notes over there.Mia was attempting to deflect attention from herself as well as from her inability to answer Mr. Nagys question and it was ruining what had otherwise been a promising day. A few of the fox rumors tranquillize circulated, but most people motivationed to express ab place Christian attacking Ralf. I still hadnt cleared Christian of the fox incident I was pretty sure he was psycho enough to have dvirtuoso it as both(prenominal) crazy sign of affection for Lissa but whatever his motives, he had shifted the attention off her, just as hed verbalise.Mr. Nagy legendary for his ability to humiliate students by reading notes aloud, homed in on us resembling a missile. He snatched the note a track, and the excited class settled in for a wide reading. I swallowed my groan, trying to look as blank and unconcerned as possible. Beside me, Lissa looked like she wanted to die.My, my, he said, lo oking the note over. If only students would write this much in their essays. One of you has considerably worse writing than the other, so forgive me if I get anything wrong here. He cleared his throat. ?So, I saw J last night, begins the person with bad handwriting, to which the response is, ?What happened, followed by no fewer than quintuplet question marks. Understandable, since sometimes one let alone four just wont get the point across, eh? The class laughed, and I noticed Mia throwing me a particularly involve smile. The first speaker responds ?What do you conceptualize happened? We hooked up in one of the empty lounges. Mr. Nagy glanced up after hearing some more giggles in the room. His British accent only added to the hilarity.May I assume by this reaction that the use of ?hook up pertains to the more recent, shall we say, carnal application of the term than the unexciting one I grew up with?More snickers ensued. Straightening up, I said b grey-headedly, Yes, sir, Mr. Nagy. That would be correct, sir. A number of people in the class laughed discover beneficial.Thank you for that confirmation, Miss Hathaway. no(prenominal), where was I? Ah yes, the other speaker then asks, ?How was it? The response is, ?Good, punctuated with a smiley face to confirm said adjective. Well. I suppose kudos are in order for the surreptitious J, hmmm? ?So, like, how far did you guys go? Uh, ladies, said Mr. Nagy, I do hope this doesnt surpass a PG rating. ?Not very. We got caught. And again, we are shown the severity of the situation, this time through the use of a not-smiling face. ?What happened? ?Dimitri showed up. He threw Jesse out and then bitched me out. The class lost it, both from hearing Mr. Nagy say bitched and from finally getting some participants named.Why, Mr. Zeklos, are you the aforementioned J? The one who earned a smiley face from the sloppy writer? Jesses face turned beet red, but he didnt look entirely displeased at having his exploits make know n in front of his friends. Hed kept what had happened a secret thus far including the blood talk because I suspected Dimitri had scared the hell out of him. Well, while I applaud a good misadventure as much as the nigh teacher whose time is utterly wasted, do remind your ?friends in the future that my class is not a chat room. He tossed the paper back on to Lissas desk. Miss Hathaway, it seems theres no feasible way to avenge you, since youre already maxed out on penalties around here. Ergo, you, Miss Dragomir, will serve two detentions instead of one on behalf of your friend. Stay here when the bell rings, please.after class, Jesse found me, an uneasy look on his face. Hey, um, about that noteyou know I didnt have anything to do with that. If Belikov finds out about ityoull tell him? I mean, youll let him know I didnt Yeah, yeah, I interrupted him. Dont worry, youre safe.Standing with me, Lissa watched him walk out of the room. Thinking of how easily Dimitri had thrown him ar ound and of his apparent cowardice I couldnt dish up but remark, You know, Jesses suddenly not as hot as I used to think.She only laughed. Youd better go. Ive got desks to wash.I left her, bespeaking back for my dorm. As I did, I passed a number of students gathered in small clusters outside the building. I regarded them wistfully, wishing I had the free time to socialize.No, its true, I comprehend a confident voice say. Camille Conta. Beautiful and popular, from one of the most prestigious families in the Conta clan. She and Lissa had sort of been friends earlier we left, in the uneasy way two strong forces keep an eye on each other. They, like, clean toilets or something.Oh my God, her friend said. Id die if I was Mia.I smiled. Apparently Jesse had spread some of the stories Id told him last night. Unfortunately, the next overheard conversation shattered my victory. heard it was still alive. Like, twitching on her bed.That is so gross. Why would they just leave it there?I dont know. Why kill it in the first place?You think Ralf was right? That she and Rose did it to get kicked They saw me and shut up.Scowling, I skulked off across the quadrangle. Still alive, still alive.Id refused to let Lissa talk about the similarities between the fox and what had happened two years ago. I didnt want to believe they were connected, and I certainly didnt want her to either.But I hadnt been able to break down thinking about that incident, not only because it was chilling, but because it really did remind me of what had just happened in her room.We had been out in the woods near campus one evening, having skipped out on our last class. Id traded a pair of guileful, rhinestone-studded sandals to Abby Badica for a bottle of peach schnapps desperate, yes, but you did what you had to in Montana which shed somehow gotten hold of. Lissa had shaken her head in disapproval when I suggested cutting class to go put the bottle out of its misery, but shed come along anyway. Like always.We found an old log to sit on near a scummy green marsh. A half-moon cast a tiny sliver of light on us, but it was more than enough for vampires and half-vampires to see by. Passing the bottle back and forth, I grilled her on Aaron. Shed fessed up that the two of them had had sex the weekend before, and I felt a surge of jealousy that shed been the one to have sex first.So what was it like?She shrugged and took another drink. I dont know. It wasnt anything.What do you mean it wasnt anything? Didnt the earth locomote or the planets align or something?No, she said, smothering a laugh. Of course not.I didnt really get why that should be funny, but I could tell she didnt want to talk about it. This was around the time the bond had begun forming, and her emotions were starting to creep into me now and then. I held up the bottle and glared at it.I dont think this squash is working.Thats because theres barely any alcohol in The sound of something moving in the brush came fr om nearby. I immediately shot up, putting my body between her and the noise.Its some animal, she said when a minute went by in silence.That didnt mean it wasnt dangerous. The schools wards kept out Strigoi, but wild animals often wandered into the outskirts of campus, posing their own threats. Bears. Cougars.Come on, I told her. Lets head back.We hadnt gone very far when I heard something moving again, and someone stepped out into our path. Ladies.Ms. Karp.We froze, and whatever quick reactions Id shown back by the marsh disappeared as I delayed a few moments in hiding the bottle behind my back.A half-smile crossed her face, and she held out her hand.Sheepishly, I gave the bottle to her, and she tucked it chthonian her arm. She turned without another word, and we followed, knowing there would be consequences to deal with.You think no one notices when half a class is gone? she asked after a little while.Half a class?A few of you apparently chose today to skip. Must be the nice weath er. Spring fever.Lissa and I trudged along. Id never been prospering around Ms. Karp since the time shed healed my hands. Her weird, paranoid behavior had filmn on a strange quality to me a lot stranger than before. Scary, even. And lately I couldnt look at her without seeing those marks by her forehead. Her deep red hair usually covered them but not always. Sometimes there were refreshed marks sometimes the old ones faded to nothing.A weird fluttering noise sounded to my right. We all stopped.One of your classmates, I imagine, murmured Ms. Karp, turning toward the sound.But when we reached the spot, we found a large black bird lying on the on the ground. Birds and most animals didnt do anything for me, but even I had to admire its sleek feathers and fierce beak. It could in all likelihood peck someones eye out in thirty seconds if it werent obviously dying. With a last, halfhearted shake, the bird finally went still.What is that? Is it a crow? I asked.Too big, said Ms. Karp . Its a raven.Is it dead? asked Lissa.I peered at it. Yeah. Definitely dead. Dont touch it.Probably attacked by another bird, observed Ms. Karp. They fight over territory and resources sometimes.Lissa knelt down, compassion on her face. I wasnt surprised, since shed always had a thing for animals. Shed lectured me for days after Id instigated the infamous hamster-and-hermit-crab fight. Id viewed the fight as a testing of worthy opponents. Shed seen it as animal cruelty.Transfixed, she reached toward the raven.Liss I exclaimed, horrified. Its probably got a disease.But her hand moved out like she hadnt even heard me. Ms. Karp stood there like a statue, her white face looking like a ghosts. Lissas fingers stroked the ravens wings.Liss, I repeated, starting to move toward her, to pull her back. Suddenly, a strange sensation flooded through my head, a sweetness that was beautiful and full of life. The feeling was so intense, it stopped me in my tracks.Then the raven moved.Lissa gave a s mall scream and snatched her hand back. We both stared wide-eyed.The raven flapped its wings, slowly trying to right itself and stand up. When it managed to do so, it turned toward us, fixing Lissa with a look that seemed too intelligent for a bird, its eyes held hers, and I couldnt read her reaction through the bond. At long last, the raven broke the gaze and lifted into the air, strong wings carrying it away.Wind stirring the leaves was the only sound left.Oh my God, breathed Lissa. What just happened?Hell if I know, I said, hiding my stark terror.Ms. Karp strode forward and grabbed Lissas arm, forcefully turning her so that they faced each other. I was there in a flash, ready to take action if Crazy Karp tried anything, though even I had qualms about taking down a teacher.Nothing happened, said Ms. Karp in an urgent voice, her eyes wild-looking. Do you hear me? Nothing. And you cant tell anyone anyone about what you saw. Both of you. Promise me. Promise me you wont ever talk ab out this again.Lissa and I exchanged uneasy glances. Okay she croaked out.Ms. Karps old bag relaxed a little. And dont ever do it again. If you do, theyll find out. Theyll try to find you. She turned to me. You cant let her do it. Not ever again.On the quad, outside my dorm, someone was verbalise my name.Hey, Rose? Ive called you, like, a hundred times.I forgot about Ms. Karp and the raven and glanced over at Mason, who had apparently started walking with me toward the dorm while I was off in la-la land.Sorry, I mumbled. Im out of it. Justum, tired.Too much excitement last night?I gave him a narrow-eyed look. Nothing I couldnt handle.I guess, he laughed, though he didnt exactly sound amused. Sounds like Jesse couldnt handle it.He did okay.If you say so. But personally, I think youve got bad taste.I stopped walking. And I dont think its any of your business.He looked away angrily. You made it the whole classs business.Hey, I didnt do that on purpose.Wouldve happened anyway. Jesses got a big mouth.He wouldnt have told.Yeah, said Mason. Because hes so cute and has such an important family.Stop being an idiot, I snapped. And why do you even care? Jealous Im not doing it with you?His flush grew, going all the way to the roots of his red hair. I just dont like hearing people talk shit about you, thats all. There are a lot of repellant jokes going around. Theyre calling you a slut.I dont care what they call me.Oh, yeah. Youre really tough. You dont need anyone.I stopped. I dont. Im one of the best novices in this fucking place. I dont need you acting all gallant and coming to my defense. Dont treat me like Im some helpless girl.I turned around and kept walking, but he caught up to me easily. The woes of being five-seven.LookI didnt mean to upset you. Im just worried about you.I gave a harsh laugh.Im serious. Wait he began. I, uh, did something for you. signifier of. I went to the library last night and tried to look up St. Vladimir,I stopped again. You did?Yeah, but there wasnt much on Anna. All the books were affable of generic. Just talked about him healing people, bringing them back from the edge of death.That last part hit a nerve.Waswas there anything else? I stammered.He shook his head. No. You probably need some primary sources, but we dont have any here.Primary what?He scoffed, a smile breaking over his face. Do you do anything but pass notes? We just talked about them the other day in Andrews class. Theyre books from the actual time period you want to study. Secondary ones are written by people living today. Youll get better information if you find something written by the guy himself. Or someone who actually knew him.Huh. Okay. What are you, like, a boy genius now?Mason gave me a light punch in the arm. I pay attention, thats all. Youre so oblivious. You miss all sorts of things. He smiled nervously. And lookI really am sorry about what I said. I was just Jealous, I realized. I could see it in his eyes. How had I never noticed this before? He was crazy about me. I guess I really was oblivious.Its all right, Mase. Forget about it. I smiled. And thanks for looking that stuff up.He smiled back, and I went inside, sad that I didnt feel the same way about him.

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Transforming India

Trans variationing INDIA By em authorityment of the nation of INDIA Through Relevant educate & vocational Training By Krishan Khanna Supported By Printed in India by Sheetal Prints, 211, Pragati Industrial E earth, Dr. N. M. Joshi Marg, Lower P arl East, Mumbai four hundred 011. Published in India by Manifest Publications, 308, Olympus, Altamount Road, Mumbai four hundred 026, INDIA. Copyright Krishan Khanna 2012 First Published in India in 1993 ISBN 978-81-906621-0-9 Transforming INDIA was first published by i determine in 1993 and subsequently it was revised and en tremendousd e rattling(prenominal) course till the present edition.See details on rapsc either in completely toldion 8 of this appropriate. This phonograph recording is besides printed in 12 an smart(prenominal)wise(prenominal) Indian langu periods much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) as Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Assamese, Oriya, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu Printe d in India by Sheetal Prints, 211, Pragati Industrial E put forward, Dr. N. M. Joshi Marg, Lower P atomic number 18l East, Mumbai 400 011. Published in India by Manifest Publications, 308, Olympus, Altamount Road, Mumbai 400 026, INDIA. Copyright and Reproduction exclusively content in this keep, such(prenominal) as text, graphics, logos, images, selective information compilation argon the property of i watch over, as well as other information providers.This leger or any dissociate at that placeof should non be reproduced, duplicated, published, circulated or exploited. No part of this book asshole be transmitted in any form or by any delegacy, mechanical or electronic, with pop the prior perdelegation and written consent of i Watch. Transforming INDIA By empowerment of the hatful of INDIA Through Relevant know directge & Vocational Training 1. This is a book and not a magazine. Especially formatted to look like a magazine for easy reading. Very hardly a(prenominal) regard to read a 200 paginate book 2.This book and this lapplace be meant for the Y verbotenh of INDIA and the 460 cardinal people who train in the MSMEs and for those men and women who atomic number 18 working for the empowerment of the juvenility and particularly women and the miss child. 3. To under corrobo direct and appreciate the context of this book, page7 inevitably to be read first as this page is the core of this effort. 4. History of exploitation of this book, page 8 5. Immortal Inspiration, page 9 6. A Citizens effort page 10 7. Aim of this book, page 10 The above pages 7, 8, 9 and 10 ar call downed reading onward you get into the main sections of the book global www. wakeupcall. org 1Contents Contents Foreword Sustaining Economic ingathering History of ontogeny of this book Immortal Inspiration A Citizens effort & Aim of this book What quarter we do for you? i Watch heighten theaters Citizens response to i Watch Ab push through i Watch Principles, Mission, Goals 2 4 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 16 18 Section 1 presidency The INDIA you whitethorn not know Agenda for Transforming India Economic & logical argument reforms plaque & electric pig Country of INDIA Good plaque can transform India into a superpower Good regime + legal Administration = Zero Corruption creative activity anatomy requires hard work How to achieve cosmos class efficiency? cardinal Questions for the adult male Leaders 19 21 23 24 25 26 27 28 31 33 Section 2 study & Human choice suppuration Tale of three countries subsequently 1947 The importance of pedagogy Learn to read and lay aside any Indian language in 40 60 hours Vocational education & teaching, warhorse the winner initiative Skills Development, ESD & Vocational reproduction, VET study Matrix of INDIA Make India an international hub for prouder & technical education making INDIA a Knowledge Economy The population bomb that essential be diff utilise Paradox INDIA Three Proposals for Emp owering the youth Youth Counseling Who am I? www. wakeupcall. org 34 35 36 37 39 41 43 44 47 49 51 52 global Section 3 Economy & effort deviation amid Poor & Rich The real & virtual India Poverty disputation & related data How to plan for World Markets? A checklist MSMEs sand of any economy India mustiness gravel an International Hub for business gross domestic product analysis of the Economy Importance of SMEs china India semblance chart.. Catch me if you can? World, USA, BRIC, S pick out Countries 56 57 58 59 61 63 65 66 67 Section 4 occupation coevals 68 69 70 72 73 75 76 79 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 90Importance of Education & Skills HRD traffic & Un enjoyment Employment Matrix of India Employment genesis Thru SMEs Categories of MSMEs, US-SBA smorgasbord Employment Generation Thru VET Classification of Vocational Education & Training, VET courses slaying of VET for Employment Generation Definitions officed in the area of Education & VET Vocational Training, VET & Economy in main prop china Vocational Training, VET & Economy in Germany (EU) Vocational Training, VET & Economy in USA Vocational Training, VET & Economy in India Indias ram productivity Relevant Education and Training tillage profit IndiaGeneral General Information References i Watch in national committees Abbreviations used in this book i Watch publications available in 13 languages fill Plan for GDP startth count of 10% to 15% per year i Watch Projects Planned for 2012 2013 Sponsors around the Author General 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 light speed Wake up rally for INDIA 3 Foreword This presentation has been structured for the returns of the citizens of India, eg. , politicians, farmers, officials, professionals, teachers, students, scholars, doctors, businessmen, housewives, engineers, lawyers, consultants, NRIs, PIOs and the youth of India.This is a book and not a magazine It has the easy and friendly style for comfort reading. Most of the articles are in one or dicke ns pages. Very few articles are in three pages. Wher perpetually compulsory the text is supplemented with simple graphics in put together to cut down as far as mathematical unneccessary text, unless it is absolutely essential. The material indoors this book is divided into four sections. The asshole of each page classifies each type of article. The interconnection of these themes is highlighted whenever germane(predicate).Section Section Section Section 1 2 3 4 covers covers covers covers articles articles articles articles on political science. on education and charitable resource development. in the selected areas of economy & opening move. in the domain of craft multiplication. This book is meant for anyone who may project studied upto class 8th and beyond. As hardly 7% of all Indians really delineate into English, this book is also available in all major Indian languages such as Marathi, Gujarati, Urdu, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Bengali, Assa mese and Punjabi.The matter furnished herein has been updated to take into account current available data, wheresoever possible. The reader is requested to consider the content of these pages in the spirit in which they imbibe been written, to mobilize estimate and put through for the people of India. it is not a sermon, rather a statement of facts, to facilitate further sentience and action within the country, with the sole purpose to receipts the People of India. Each note is a stand alone. Any one of them can be read, at any time.If you train me a pointed oppugn about the five most important areas where we subscribe to to cin one casentrate for bringing the maximum gather to the people of India, I would say education, education, education, presidency and primary healthcare. The first education stands for funtional literacy and pre-primary, primary, secondary education. The Right to Education carte was introduced in parliament alone in 2005 and passed in 2009. Thank G od that after 63 long time of Independance we realize the make for education The second education stands for vocational education and training (VET) and aptitudes building.The importance of VET has finally been recognized at the level of the Prime Minister who had directed a Task intensity level in November 2006 to draw out milestones for uplifting our young Indians into productive employment by empowernment and training. 4 www. wakeupcall. org General In the 11th plan period the National Skills Council and the National Skills Devlopment Corporation progress to been setup in 2009. The Government of India has planned additional 1 cholecalciferol ITIs/ITCs and 50,000 skill centers in the 11th plan. The work on modernizing the existent 5,500 ITIs is also in full swing.The third education stands for complete decontrol and deregulation of all forms of medical, higher and technical education. This alone can generate innovation, excellence and make us World Class. We flip had reservat ions in steel, cement, cars, scooters, and so forth Only increased capacity and disengage markets suck up solved the issues of p sift, quality and availability. Licence Raj in all forms of education especially in higher, medical and technical education must go Education as an enterprise is nearly five times larger than I. T. and software. It is therefore a much big employment generator than software and I.T. The reader pass on have to look elsewhere for data and solutions in the area of primary healthcare. Good brass section has been highlighted by giving a figure of speech of examples of bad governance and the shun effects therefrom. It is difficult in a democracy to have tidy governance untill the electorate has been empowered with relevant education. Hence the emphasis on relevant education. It has taken our country 59 old age after independance and a address of discussion and debate to recognize the certain potential of micro and small medium enterprises (MSMEs). The crest on MSMEs was passed only in 2006.Probably 80% of our GDP is here 99. 7% of organizations in this c onception, including India, are MSMEs. This is the true dynamo and heartbeat of any nation. go forth of a workforce of 490 one thousand meg people, only 6% is the nonionic sector and the oddment 460 billion or 94% is the unstructured sector. It is estimated that the total number of MSMEs are 100 million. 80% in agriculture and plantations and the balance 20% in service and manufacturing sectors. The importance of Vocational education & training or VET and MSMEs for employment contemporaries has been highlighted and explained.As per the latest CII BCG Prof. C. K. Prahlad Project emailprotected, the Nation requires 500 million earthly concern class handy people and 200 million benignant class graduate by 2022. The history of evolution of this book has been dramatic, please overhear page number 8 for details. The only regular has been change. It is for you the re ader to decide wether it was for better or for worse Krishan Khanna Mumbai, India August 2012 Disclaimer The information mentioned in this book has been collected from miscellaneous sources in India and outside, during the last 20 years. Watch does not take any licit responsibility for the accuracy of the data provided. We do not recommend that investment and business decisions be taken, base on the data provided in this book. Most of the sources of information as well as references are exact on page 92. For the latest data and information the reader is advised to see the current websites and handbooks as mentioned on page 92. General Wake up Call for INDIA 5 Dear Reader, Wel bugger off to i Watch. Based on the feedback from readers, we suggest that the avocation pages may be read first 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7, 8. 9. rapscallion 12 Focus of this book Page 14 Citizens response to i Watch Page 21 Agenda for Transforming INDIA Page 34 Tale of 3 countries Page 47 The Population Bo mb Page 56 Difference between Poor & Rich Page 59 How to plan for World Markets? Page 61 MSMEs Backbone of any economy Page 66 china India comparison 10. Page 75 Employment generation through VET 11. Page 87 Indias Labour Productivity 12. Page 90 Agriculture Advantage INDIA 13. Page 93 i Watch in National Committees 6 www. wakeupcall. org General Sustaining Economic Growth Through Relevant Education & Vocational Training The above theme take to be go on forever, as far as India is concerned.The following two example will strengthen the importance of human resource development, relevant education and skills acquired through vocational training for sustainable development of the economy. I was involved in October 2007 by the Ministry of Education, S. Korea, to chair a session on Vocational Education & Training (VET) for Developing Countries. This was part of the Global HR forum which was attended by nearly 1,200 educational experts from 50 countries. The only other India n attending this forum was Prof. Ananth, Director of IIT-Madras. The legate prime minister of South Korea was inaugurating the Global Forum.About 50 years ago the people of S. Korea were as poor as Indians. South Korea Looked at Japan and Germany who had very little mineral wealth such as ores, coal or energy in the form of gas, oil other hydro-carbons, just like S. Korea ( precisely unlike India) but were developing very fast, in evoke of the complete destruction in the 2nd adult male war South Korea realized that the main debate was relevant education and skills building through vocational training. South Korea scored a position of a deputy prime minister, whose main responsibility, I believe, is human resource development, education and skills building.General Wake up Call for INDIA 7 Today, after 50 years, an median(a) South Korean has an in pass off of nearly US$ 23,823 per year compared to US$ 1,530 for an norm Indian. Is there a message in this for us in India? Let us Look at the 2nd example which is current. Where should we as a Nation be by 2022? Or in the year of our 75th Independence or emailprotected? The Confederation of India Industry or Cll along with the manhood renowned steering guru, late Prof. C. K. Prahlad had planned for emailprotected Out of the 74 national committees of the CII, the ones on Education, Skills & HR and the Youth are to begin with working on this initiative.Prof. Prahlad was very straighten out that only by empowerment of the people especially the youth of India, through education and skills building and vocational training will ensure us as a Nation to attain our major our goals by the year 2022. The plan is to have 500 Million skilled people in varied skills and 200 million population class graduates from contrastive fields by 2022. More information about education, economy, governance and employment generation in India available at www. wakeupcall. org or in our book titled Transforming INDIA by empowerment of the people of India through relevent education & vocational training.History of evolution of this book In 1993 we started with a 4 page booklet. In 1997 it grew to 8 pages, which were also translated into 10 Indian languages. In 1999 the book had inflate to 16 pages, in 2001 to 24 pages, in 2002 to 28 pages, in 2004 to 32 pages, in 2005 to 36 pages, in 2006 to 48 pages and in January 2007 to 56 pages. In July 2008 the book was further expanded to 88 pages and in January 2009 was further expanded to 92 pages and in October 2009 to 96 pages. In February 2011 it was expanded to 100 pages. The current August 2012 edition is finally expanded to 104 pages.This book Trannsforming INDIA is available in English and 12 Indian language, that is to say , Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. The point has always been in the same four areas organization . India maiden Education and Human Resource Development . Education initiatory Economy and Enterprise . Economy world-class Employment Generation ..Employment beginning(a) Economy 1st and Employment 1st, as mentioned 1 2 3 4 i Watch has four di messs, namely India 1st, Education 1st, total of fourty seven notes and observations. above. The first three subjects have ten, twelve and nine articles each while the fourth has sixteen, a To assist the reader, the bottem of each page mentions the classification of the text, in one of the above four categories. Where it does not fit any of the four above, we have separate the same under General category. 8 www. wakeupcall. org General Immortal Inspiration Nobel Laureate Rabindranath TagoreINDIA can become a Nation, which is outperform described in the words of Rabindranath Tagore Where the listen is without fear and the head is held high Where knowledge is free Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls Where words come out from the depth of truth Where tireless str iving stretches its arms towards perfection Where the clear stream of causal agent has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit Where the mind is led by thee into ever widening thought and action Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.Gitanjali, verse XXXV. General Wake up Call for INDIA 9 A Citizens effort A citizen, an IIT engineers effort at starting and giving momentum for Transforming INDIA through relavant education, vocational training and human empowernment. All of us have a duty, many realize and many dont. What is important is a clear understanding of what we need to focus on. The rest follows..A non- governmental, non-religious, non-sectoral effort where the only mission is to bring about awaken of the people and then alone can they decide and understand the latent potential of the People of India what we missed out on and the importance of this work. in that respect is much more than to India than we typically may think. This work is only a seed the growth will come through many hands, of which yours is also one. Aim of this bookThe biggest challange is to circulate relevant education in the form of 100% functional literacy, vocational education and training and to expand multifold, the existing infrastructure of all forms of pre-primary, primary, secondary, higher, medical and technical education and make India an international hub for education, like it used to be. India inevitably to empower its youth with relevant education and training as soon as possible. The average age of an Indian is 26 years Priority number one is the education and empowerment of the fille child and women. 10 www. wakeupcall. org GeneralWhat can we do for you? 1. Publications Dear Reader we can assist and help you in the following areas- Starting with this book. enrapture see details of other list of publications as little out on page 95. We request you to look at the inside cover page to note that this book of 104 pages i s also available in 12 Indian languages such as Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Assamese, Bengali, Oriya, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada & Malayalam. English is only mute by 7% of the Indian population. 2. interactive Workshops We conduct interactive workshops in the following topics as circumstantial on page 91. Relevant Manufacturing Policy for India, Relevant Educational Policy for India, Globalization and how India can grow at +10% per year, Good Governance and how it benefits the citizen, Employment Generation for 10 million people per year, How to make Money after leaving College, Transforming India through Education. 3. Mind-Set-Change of teachers, Parents & the Youth beneficent see the projects I and 2 as detailed on page 97 Not only are the Projects described but the positive impact of these Projects are also explained in detail. 4.Providing Relevant Data Kindly refer to our website at www. wakeupcall. org, all our publications as mentioned under item I, list of referen ces as detailed out on page 92 and you will see that we have extracted a look at of relevant data for you the reader and formatted the same for easy reading and understanding. All our data is updated, as far as possible, once a year. 5. Setting up Vocational Education & Training Centres We work with a few large organizations within India who bodiedly train large number of people per year. We are their knowledge partners.By use of technology, by use of essential training centres, by use of integrating such training centres with business and patience in each local area, by providing trained Trainers & Mentors for actual training, by conducting assessments, exams and certification of trained persons, by providing counseling before training and placements after training, we add a lot of value for the youth in any geography or district of India. Currently we are concentrating on VET courses in the areas of healthcare, Hospitality, Tourism, Education and setting up centres in all par ts of India. Details on request.General Wake up Call for INDIA 11 i Watch Focus areas Education We work on this issue because 1. Drop-out rate between KG to Class 10+2 is 87% to 93%, includes those who have never attended school. 2. license Raj and regulation in Higher, Medical and Technical education, restricting growth, R&D, quality and capacity. 3. Cash out-flow of about Rs. 50,000 crores or US$10 to $12 billion per year for Indian students leaving India for foreign Universities, because of lack of put and quality education within India. These funds bounteous to build 50 IIMs & 30 IITs per yearIt is estimated that about 153,000 students leave all year for foreign studies. 50% opt for a two year Masters course and the balance 50% for a four-year Undergraduate course. 4. Functional literacy expected to be about 33% against Governments figure of about 67%, but China conclude to 93%. 5. Inadequate skills development. Hardly 0. 5% of the work force are macrocosm trained at any gi ven, in the organised sector, versus the required 7% to 10%, as in China and other authentic countries 6. India has 27,000 foreign students while Australia has 400,000 foreign students 7.India has 1. 7 million schools vs 2. 5 million in China 8. India has 563 Universities vs 1100 in China 9. Pre-Primary not given impoftance. 90% of the human brain developed between the age of 1 to 6. 2. Why is FDI stock into India hardly US$ 121 billion vs US$ 1920 billion for China + Hong Kong? 3. tourer traffic into India is only 6 million per year vs 80 million per year into China? 4. World trade is about 2. 2% against 8. 0% for China. 5. Agriculture productivity in India is 40% as compared to that of China. 6. spirit expectancy is 67 years vs 74 years in China. 7.Electrical loss receivable to transmission and other losses from electricity boards vary from 25% to 50% in India vs 6% to 8% in China. 8. exotic exchange reserves about US $ 295 billion for India vs US$ 2199 billion in China. 9. HIV/acquired immune deficiency syndrome affect about 5 million people in India vs 0. 85 million in China. 10. 40% of all fruits and vegetables are damaged or destroyed due to poor farm management. 11. India receives a lot of rain but because of poor water management we get floods or drought. Economy We work on this issue because 1. Labour Laws do not allow level acting field for Indian organizations within present Global Economy. . Employment generation suffers because we look at Capital Intensive businesses rather than cranch Intensive ones. 3. India has only 2. 6% of world GDP. Buying power is low, but demand is high due to high population of 17%. Exports is the answer. Enough emphasis not given so far in 66 years. SEZs need to grow faster. 4. on a lower floorstructure is very inadequate for 1,210 million people. Lot of whistle but very little implementation. Governance We work on this issue because 1. Rs. 3,600 crores or US$ 0. 72 billion spent everyday by the 35 states and UT s of India to run the country.Are the citizens halcyon? 1 million = 10 lacs 12 www. wakeupcall. org General 5. India needs to cash in the advantage of purchasing power parity, (PPP) for its World Trade. 6. I. T. and software is only 5% of the Indian economy and 3% of world economy. India must look at the balance 97% of the world economy and make it World Class. 7. Advantage of SMEs not fully understood. Present definition not as per Global Standards as in EU, USA, Japan, China, etc. This is a big disadvantage to Indian business as 99. 7% of all organizations in the world are MSMEs.SSIs are only 5% of Indias GDP while MSMEs would be close to 70% to 80%. Ministry of Industry focus should change from Industry to Economy. 4. Vocational education is at once connected with employment and wealth generation, unlike normal education and knowledge improvement. The benefits of VET for the common man, benefits to organizations who use skilled and trained workforce and benefits to the nation to make it globally competitive will only come about when nearly 80% of the youth, after the age of 15 years opt for VET and not for the normal college education which is B. A, B. Sc or B. Com 5.The Demographic dividend of supplying young skilled manpower to the world markets must be seized by next Indians by using VET. 6. The present work force of 490 million can be divided into 30 million in the organized sector and 460 million in the unorganized sector. The biggest challange facing us is to provide world class VET for the 460 million in the unorganized sector 7. Most of the SMEs are in the unorganized sector. SMEs are the real Dynamo of the economy. Dovetailing SMEs with Vocational Education & Training will create one of the biggest pool of young, talented and trained manpower in the worldThis will propel India forward as an sparing power. 8. In contries like Switzerland & Austria there are 5000 VET centers each only for a polulation of 8 million each These contries are land l ocked and have no mineral wealth or energyi but because of high quality human resorseas have GDP nearly 33% and 23% of respectively of India 9. The present Apprentice Act is not in line with the countrys present needs. It requires to be completely overhauled so that nearly 10% of the workforce could be apprentices being trained and working at the same time. Employment Generation We work on this issue because . India has 43 million registered unemployed and credibly another 260 million who are underemployed or unemployed in the age group of 18 to 50 years but not registered. 2. The average age of an Indian is 26 years, compared to a Chinese who is 34 years and a European, American or Japanese who may be 40 to 45 years in age. India is a very young country. We need to skill our people so that we can take advantage of so many Young Indians 3. composition China spends nearly 2. 5% of GDP on Vocational Education & Training (VET) in 500,000 VET centres coating nearly 3000 vocations. Ind ia ardly spends 0. 1% of its GDP in VET in 8500 centres covering about 400 vocations. The actual expenses in VET are more but data is not available 1 million = 10 lacs General Wake up Call for INDIA 13 Citizens respond to i Watch Feedback and result received from Indian organizations and individuals, during the last ten years has been documented, based on letters and communications received. A selection of some of these communications has been compiled into a dossier and available for inspection at our office in Mumbai. slightly of the feedback is mentioned in the pages downstairs.In short, we are quite happy about the learning ability change and action plans initiated in different parts of India, based on the above strategy adopted by i Watch, action plans, assisting and networking with various stakeholders in the actual implementations of plans towards Educational Reforms and Transforming India. Sushma Berlia, President, Education Promotion Society for India They have set o ut to create a framework for achieving high and sustainable growth for India. For this they are working to build consensus and influence insurance policy changes.This is indeed a very strange strategy designed to have a far-reaching impact. Rajiv Kumar, headspring Economist, CII I hope to use some of the wisdom gleaned from your paper in the formulation of my policies of corporate governance. N. R. Narayana Murthy, professorship & read/write head Mentor, Infosys i Watch is doing a wonderful job in making the people understand and tell relevant policy changes required and the importance and need of Good Governance to benefit the people of India. Dr. B. P. Dhaka, secretarial assistant General, PHDCC The Chamber appreciates the good work i Watch has been doing for the benefit of the citizens.P. N. Mogre, Secretary General, Indian Merchants Chamber The mission of i Watch has been the Mission of Krishan Khanna to innovate and transform where ever he was involved in work or lif e. Dr. P. S. Rana, Chairman & Managing Director, HUDCO As an educationist and HRD consultant I fortifiedly believe that the plan of i Watch for training 95% of the youth in 3000 areas of Vocational education is most innovative. If implemented, it would prove to be a major solution for the unemployment problem in India Prof. Rooshikumar Pandya, International focusing Guru We interact with more than 500 nongovernmental organizations and we must say that we have found i Watch a unique and innovative NGO. Vinay Somani, Managing Trustee, Karmayog. com I have read with interest your book titled, Transforming India, and would like to convey my compliments to you for the very useful studies and suggestions contained in this. I have no doubt that the issues raised and the recommendations made are of immense value. B. N. Yugandhar, Member cookery Commission We believe in the ideas and suggestions of i Watch to bring the policies to optimum benefit for the people of India.Anupam Mittal, President & CEO, People group I have not heard of any NGO like i Watch which has such a holistic plan for Transforming India. Maj. Gen. D. N. Khurana, Director General, All India Management Association. Regarding Good Governance, I look forward to having detailed discussions with you to follow-up on some of the suggestions contained in your book, Transforming India. M. Damodaran, Chairman & Managing Director, IDBI I really appreciate i Watchs endeavour in creating sensation, suggesting solutions and 14 www. wakeupcall. org I am aware of the good work being done by i Watch.I have remark your views regarding good governance, training and employment. M. Venkaiah Naidu, President, BJP General Please keep up the good work. Dr. Natarajan Chairman, All India Council for Technical Education well as focusing on the areas where we need to give greater attention. M. V. Rajasekharan, Minister of State for Planning, Planning Commission I was very impressed with your whole program and your efforts to elevate India. Babu Khalfan, NRI based in USA The vision with which i Watch has been set up is indeed a very by the way effort for better governance.We would be glad to be associated with your foundation. Deepankar Sanwalke, Executive Director, KPMG We would deep appreciate it if you could kindly save the time to participate in the Conference on NRICivil Society Partnership and guide its deliberations. Dr. Abid Hussain, Chairman, root word for Economic & Social Studies At the outset, let me congratulate you on all your presentations and I feel happy and honoured that you have shown interest in our working together on vocational education and training. I can see the potential. Prof. Rupa Shah, Vice Chancellor, S. N. D. T. Womens University I would like to thank you for your support. It has helped us grow into a strong and vibrant organization. Padmini Somani, Director, Salaam Bombay Foundation Your publication makes an interesting reading. I very much appreciat e the constraint and practicality of your approach. K. L. Chugh, Chairman Emeritus ITC Ltd. We welcome you as a founder member of the IC Centre for Governance. The executive director committee members of the Centre are impressed by the choice of your core issues and the action plans outlined. Prabhat Kumar, Former console Secretary & President, IC Centre for Governance Watch is doing a wonderful job and the research work you are doing shall give us a lot of inputs for the movement. Sudesh K. Aggarwal, Secretary General, All Indians Foundation Reference your discussions with our Chief Secretary, we will be glad if you hold interactive sessions on Good Governance & Effective Administration for all senior and middle level officers, numbering about 450 of the government of NCT, at the Delhi Secretariat. Prakash Kumar, AR & IT Secretary, Govt. of NCT I must admit that this is really a very painstaking job and you have amassed a lot of valuable statistics and data.I assure you tha t with my limited capability I shall try to project your data to all possible forums. P. N. Roy, Chairman, Indo-Asahi Glass Ltd. i Watch is invited as a part of the expert panel to comment and suggest on the India and the World 2025 scenarios at the interactive workshop organized by the World Economic Forum and CII. Confederation of India Industry Your effort to shortlist the maladies looming ominously on our socio-cultural-economic spectrums deserve mention. R. S. Agarwal, Joint Chairman, Enami Group of Campanies Please accept my congratulations for the good work which you have done.I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best in your work and I am sure your publications will bring about awareness and as well play a very educative role in highlighting the issues and as General I critically studied your Governance & Administration of India paper and came out very deeply impressed and also agitated. It is powerful enough to make everybody sit up and think. It hi ts the right cord. You have on the dot pointed out what ails India. Prakash Almeida, Director, Institute for Study of Economic Issues Wake up Call for INDIA 15 About i WatchI am sure this book will set all those who receive it thinking and from thinking at least some will go on to take some action to realize the vision you have sketched. N. Vittal, interchange Vigilance Commission, CVC What is i Watch ? i Watch, is a citizens movement for Transforming INDIA. i means India, Indians, you and me. Watch, means that we are watching what is happening in the country and reporting to the citizens in order to create awareness for the rice beer of improvement. The i is small since our gurus have always taught us that only with humility can we embrace the truth.We focus on Human resource development, governance, economy, enterprise and employment generation and the relevance of their interconnection. i Watch is a registered charity with the head office located in Mumbai, India. Donations t o i Watch, qualify for 80G income tax benefits for Indian organizations and citizens. The FCRA approval for foreign donations has been received in January 2009. Your perception is superb, ideas are original and some of the statistics are mind boggling. I wish your ideas get a much wider coverage through the all-India media. H. N. Dastur, Executive Director, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan When awareness is there, the action will also take place and in this crusade I and many Indians are with you. come up it up. Sushil Gupta, Past District Governor, Rotary District 3010 I assure you that I will continue to do whatever is within my power to pursue the one point agenda as in your letter. George Fernandes, defensive measure Minister, Government of India We feel privileged on account of your having favoured us with your valuable experience. Air Commodore Amrit Lal, Executive Director, Indian Society for Training & Development How do we plan to transform INDIA? i Watch, functions in three stag es. . build awareness Publications such as Making INDIA a Knowledge Economy, The INDIA you may not Know and Action Plan for INDIA are used for the purpose of creating awareness. 2. Solutions and Action Plans This is achieved by our website, interactive workshops and our 104 page book, Transforming INDIA. 3. Actual Implementation For this purpose, we assist and network with government, public, cloak-and-dagger organizations and NGOs. I appreciate your viewpoints expressed in the note and would invite more ideas and pragmatic exercises which can help to develop society in the right direction.Suresh Prabhu, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha 16 www. wakeupcall. org General What has i Watch achieved ? In 1992, when we started on the journey of Transforming INDIA, we had no clue as to the focus we should take. It took us nearly 4 years of research and travel to come to some basic conclusions as to the areas of focus for transforming India. This we achieved by 1996. Real work started in 1 997. The focus finally watered down to the following four key areas1. HRD, Vocational education & Employment Generation 2. Governance & administration of India 3.Policy changes regarding, SSI, MSME and relevant toil laws 4. Economy, Enterprise, eg. emphasis on trades and other sectors of the economy such as retail, wholesale, manufacturing, travel and tourism, healthcare, infrastructure and agriculture. i Watch has had some success in all four areas as we have been able to change the mindset of a large cross section of the decision making population by the use of1. Interactive workshops, seminars & articles 2. Publications, Making INDIA a Knowledge Economy, The INDIA you may not know and Action Plan for INDIA 3. 02 page book, Transforming INDIA 4. Website at www. wakeupcall. org 5. Participation in the National Committees of the MHRD, Planning Commission, Chambers of Commerce, CII, FICCI, Ministry of IT, etc. As members of CII, FICCI, ASSOCHAM, PHDCC&I, IMC, MEDC, BCC&I and discus sions with IBA, RBI, and MOF we were able to influence the meaning of SMEs and understanding the limited relevance of SSIs. The only constant in life is change be intimated by the Europen Union, EU, for a joint project on employment generaction and vocational education and training in ten states of India.In the area of Governance we have been consulted by state governments such as the Delhi NCT to suggest and advice on Governance and Administration. In Educational Reforms, our thought process regarding vocational education and training, have been considered by the Ministry of HRD, Planning Commission & IGNOU. Thrust on Deregulation of Higher and Technical Education is gaining acceptance through initiatives with the CII, FICCI, ASSOCHAM, EPSI, PHDCC&I and others. In the areas of Economy & Enterprise, we are called for our feedback and inputs by think tanks such as the World Economic Forum, WEF.In the last 20 years we have distributed more than 600,000 copies of our book, Transformin g INDIA, conducted a large number of interactive seminars and hosted all our ideas and thoughts on our website. Our publications are available in 13 languages, in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Assamese, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, Urdu and Malayalam. Only 7% of Indians understand English. General Wake up Call for INDIA 17 i Watch principles, mission, goals Guiding Principles 1. arrogant attitude Believe that real change is possible. 2. Research Dont hit the road without detailed home work. 3.Effective communication Use communication tools to reach out to all. 4. Belief in the power of the confederacy Recognize that the central means of all actions is a collective assertion. From an inclusive community comes a collective strength. 5. Constructive engagement Engage in the spirit of partnership. Build alternative modules or change the rules. 6. Non ally culture No political affiliation 7. Pro-political approach Politicians are victims of the vicious cycle, not villains 8. Respect for political process Recognition that the politics is the central to democrac and the true politics is a noble endeavour 9.Political alternatives There is no alternative to democracythe alternative to democracy is a better democracy 10. Professionalism Deliver on individual roles and responsibilities at the highest breaker point of commitment and capability at all times. namely good governance & effective administration, how it influences the economy and how to achieve it? The importance of relevant Human Resource Development. Removing the present Licence Raj in education The need for policy changes such as scrapping the existing limited definition of small home base industry, SSIs, and expanding it into micro, small and medium enterprises or SMEs.The crying need of relevant labour and administrative reforms to bring India at par with other Asian Tigers and to provide a level vie field to our business leading and managers. Why exports and tourism must be expanded by 1000% of the present levels In a democracy people have to get involved. Change is possible and more creditable if communication is bottom up rather than top down. Our presentation is therefore designed for the common man or the citizen of India. Goal To make India, a land, which is truly world class. With 1210 million people, India has a very large demand, but where is the buying power?We must export more to build up buying power Indias future lies in becoming a resource base for the world, in manufacturing, trading and service, since 97. 4% of world trade and 97. 8% of world buying power is NOT within India. A birds eye view shows India needs to emulate the successful examples of information technology, software and diamond exports, for all other sectors of the economy. With a high purchasing power parity (PPP of Rs. 16 = US$1), India has immense scope to export goods and services. Good governance and effective administration are necessary to achieve these goals for I ndia Politicians and officials in China maunder Economics & Walk the Talk, that is why non-resident Chinese and foreign investors have confidence in China Fortunately, the preception about India is now in positive territory General Historical Background The focus was always constant in the areas of Human resource development, governance and the economy. The importance of the interdependance of HRD-Governance-Leadership-Economy & Enterprise-Infrastructure on each other needs to be understood. Each depends upon the other in many ways.It is not possible to look at them seperately without cause harm and lowering the efficiency of the country. Mission To create awareness for the citizens of India in areas which are vital for the future of the nation, 18 www. wakeupcall. org The INDIA you may not know of 50,000 or more private I. T. training centers spread crossways the country. 9. I. T. & Software are only 2. 0% to 2. 5% of the worlds GDP. Indias present shell out is about 5% of GDP. For rapid economic growth and employment generation we need to concentrate on the balance 95% of the economy and enterprise and make it world class 10. 00 million unemployed of employable age* and only 44 million have actually registered with employment offices with little or no hope of getting employment (our estimates)*. 11. Of all new employment generated, 1% are government jobs, 2% are in the organized sector and the balance 97% in the unorganized sector. 12. Out of our 490 million workforce, 94 % work in the unorganized sector and about 6% in the organized sector. Nearly 55% to 60% are self employed. 13. 2. 5% of the entire population, viz. 19 million people work for the central and state government another 11 million work in the private organized sector.A small part of the population work in the organized sector. 14. All Labour Laws are made to protect, at any cost, the above 2. 5% of the Indian population. term 311 of the Indian constitution needs relevant revision since it over protects employees of the Government even at a cost to the nation. 15. While MPs, MLAs and Municipal Councilors and the village panchayats, can only be elected for a maximum of 5 years, the officials, babus, and government employees enjoy life long benefits of employment, in spite of their performance. 16.We have 600 million illiterate people based on the international definition of the 3Rs (reading, writing and arithmetical or education at least up to primary level of class 5) 17. The Indian definition of literacy is based on a survey of people If you can write your name, you are literate zip has in force(p)ly ever challenged this definition 18. 290 million live below the Government of Indias definition of the distress line of Wake up Call for INDIA 19 1. 71% or 840 million people are below 35 years of age. Indians are young. 2. 28 million people are born every year, 10 million die per year, population increase 1. % per year 3. 88% to 92% drop out rate of children between kindergarten and 10+2. This includes those who have never been to school. 4. 10% are the ones that cross the 10+2 stage, Educational Line of Control, which is our so called educated youth, go in for a regular college degree which may not be very relevant in todays context for the sake of employment generation and national GDP enhancement. 5. 62% of all graduates from the 37,000 colleges are Arts graduates. Balance 38% in science, commerce, medical, engineering, I. T. , law, management and special subjects. 6.While 80% of the world youth between 15 to 35 years of age learn a vocation, a skill or a trade, with a choice of 3000 vocational education and training (VET) programs, in 15,000 modules, we in India have only identified about 400 courses after 66 years of Independence and hardly 2% to 2. 5% of the population goes for formal VET training 7. We can get engineers and MBAs in India but no carpenters, plumbers, drivers, repairmen and other skilled personnel as per international stan dards in the other 2,500 vocational trades. 8. Information Technology, software or I. T. are the only exceptions.Perhaps because India 1st Rs. 26 (rural India) to Rs 32 (urban India) per day this is based on being able to buy enough rice and wheat from the Public Distribution System, PDS system and ration shops, which has food value of 2200 kilo calories per day. 19. Nobody has ever challenged this definition of Poverty Line. How can one expect people to live with a few kilos of raw uncooked wheat or rice? As human beings, dont we need more? How about one set of clothes to cover our bodies, a set of chappals for our feet, some vegetables, take out and fruit, in our diet? How will we cook without any energy and fuel? 0. 450 million* live below the poverty line definition of the World Banks old definition of US$1 (Rs. 50) per day per person, or US$ 365 per year. 800 million* people live below the poverty line definition of the World Banks new definition of US$ 2 (Rs. 100) per day p er person, or US$730 per year. (our estimates)* 21. Average Per Capita of an Indian is about US$ 1530 per year per person (1. 21 billion people and a GDP of US$ 1853 billion). Average earning of an Indian is US$ 4. 10 per day. 22. India has only 2. 6% of the World GDP and has 17% of the world population.Demands are high but buying power is low. Hence we will need to increase our export related activities by 10 times, as the foreign markets are 60 times bigger than the Indian market. Our share of world markets or foreign trade is 2. 2%, down from 33% 1000 years ago, down from 27% when the British landed in India and down from 3% in 1947. 23. Only 7% of all Indians understand English, yet most of the websites of the government of India, state governments and public institutions are in the English language 24. While English is a language used in countries which account for about 38% of the world GDP, viz. USA + UK + old British colonies, yet in India, while we talk of globalization, we are not serious about learning the other languages of the world, eg. , Japanese, German, Spanish etc, unlike the Chinese youth who are doing so otherwise. 25. India is probably at the bottom of the heap, as far as the human development index is concerned such as infant mortality, child care, malnutrition, womens health, sicknesses, disease, health, clean drinking water, etc. 26. Democracy is to the people, for the people, by the people. If we have to succeed, the citizen has to get involved and participate in governance. 7. Unlike other countries, we have 22 official languages, 2,600 dialects, all religions of the world, and due to low human and economic development, emphasis on SC, ST, dalits, caste, religion, sects, minorities, regions, ethnic groups, etc. 28. Employment generation is restricted due to existing policies which do not encourage Labour Intensive enterprises. Relevant labour reforms in line with prevailing practices in other countries of Asia are required for a level playing field for Indian organizations. 29. The size of Enterprises cannot be indomitable by officials in the central government.They are decided by technology, process, international market forces and competitive pressures. Reservation for small musical scale industry, SSI, needs to be scrapped and SMEs should be encouraged. SSIs are 5% of the Indian GDP. 99. 7% of all organizations in the world are SMEs. 70% to 80% of the Indian GDP are SMEs. We need to understand the meaning of E in MSME (small and medium enterprises). 30. As per www. loksatta. org, about Rs. 3,200 crores are spent every day, to govern India at the centre and state levels, both on revenue as well as on capital account. Is this transparent? Is the specie well spent?Citizens need to use The Right to Information, RTI bill, and also take part in the governance of India, through citizen groups. 31. About 800 members of parliament in the lok sabha and rajya sabha and 4,210 members of the state legislature assemblie s control this usance of Rs. 3,200 crore per day. You may transfer a sample of the contents of this book, Transforming India, from our website in English, Marathi, Gujarati, Urdu, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Bengali, Assamese and Punjabi. 1 million = 10 lacs 20 www. wakeupcall. org India 1st Agenda of Transforming INDIA nto an Economic Power & Developed Nation Priority 1 Relevant HRD, deregulate H&T education & Vocational training 1. 100% Primary Functional Literacy Learn to read and write any Indian language in 40 to 60 hours 1 hour per day for 5 days a calendar week. Nearly 500 million people need to learn the 3 Rs which are reading, writing and arithmetic. As per the government of India, the average literacy rate is 64%, based on the indian definition, if you can write your name. If one uses the international definition, like minimum primary education as the criteria, the actual literacy rate would come down to 40%We need to achieve 100% functional liter acy in the next 10 years 2. Primary & secondary education The dropout rate of 90% in schools, from kindergarten to class 12th, must be reduced to less than 10%. This includes children who have never attended school. 3. Enterprise Skills Development or ESD. We suggest that this should be started from class 5th right upto class 12th. ESD is about enterprises and how the real world works. Helps decide future choice of profession for the youth. Builds confidence in ourself. Only two hours per week are required. 4. Vocational Education & Training or VET.VET teaches the youth a skill or a competence or a trade. One learns to do some skilled job In developed countries, 80% of the youth from age of 14 to 35 should go in for VET. This would mean about 50 million people per year. 5. Except for I. T. , which is 2. 5% of worlds GDP, where there may be 50,000 private training centres operating in India where are the training centres to run the balance 97% of the skills, trades, competances requi red to run the nation? India 1st 6. Liberalize Education Decontrol and privatize all forms of education like business was in 1991Make India an International Hub for Education 7. The I. T. business, ever since inception, has been outside the control and regulation of the central and state governments. Market forces, fierce competition, and constant innovation has allowed Indian I. T. education to be world class. 8. Private and NRI conjunction in education Government should concentrate up to high school only, from class 1 to 10 only. The rest they should leave to the private sector 9. Entrepreneurship Institutes in each Block Entrepreneur promotional institutes, in all the blocks of the states. 7% of new employment is in the unorganized sector and SMEs. We need skill sets for the youth. 10. India will only prosper when the Goddess of Learning, Saraswati is unshakled and unchained as was the Goddess of Wealth Lakshmi in 1991. Priority 2 Good Governance Benefits of leadership and good governance are highlighted in ten different articles. If one looks at the contents page, one will notice that nearly 81% of our articles are People Dependant, ten on Governance and twelve on Human Resource Development and Sixteen on Employment GenerationOne can understand Good Governance, only if we understand the effects of bad governance. Many such examples have been given in our articles for this very reason. Wake up Call for INDIA 21 Focus on HRD, governance, economy and employment generation Priority 3 Central government policy changes 1. Removal of SSI (small scale industry) reservation. Reservation does more harm than good. 2. Amend Labour and Employee Laws and give local enterprises and organizations a level playing field on par with other developing Nations of Asia and Latin America. 3.Encourage labour intensive technologies for employment generation. 4. Recognize the meaning and importance of MSMEs (micro, small medium enterprise) and not SSIs (small scale industry). We mu st understand the importance of the M and the E in SMEs as MSMEs account for 80% of the Indian economy against 5% in SSI. While the MSME Bill was passed in 2006. Indian MSMEs still have to align themselves to global standards. Large organizations hire out most of their non-core business to highly productive and cost- effective MSMEs. 1. Trading, wholesale & retail, are 15 times bigger than I.T. (big employment and GDP generator) 2. Manufacturing, as an enterprise, is 11 times bigger than I. T. (generates about 75% of government revenues) 3. Health Care, as an enterprise is 4 times bigger than I. T. (big employment and GDP generator) 4. Travel & Tourism, as an enterprise is 6 times bigger than I. T. (big employment and GDP generator) 5. Education, as an enterprise is 4 times bigger than I. T. (big employment and GDP generator) Priority 5 Funding infrastructure US$ 1500 Billion peculiar(prenominal) Infra Bonds Infrastructure needs funding at 6% to 8% per year, rate of interest.The tenure of borrowing needs to be extended to at least 10-15-20 years, since it takes nearly 5 years for building and another 5 years for Gestation and break-even. These bonds should be of low-interest but with incentives and tax breaks. Priority 6 Awareness program for the above 5 priority areas By the use of our 102 page book, Transforming INDIA through education, awareness with relevant solutions and action plans are our prime objective. Our book is a step in that direction. It has 47 articles and notes on Governance, Human Resource Development, Enterprise & Economy & Employment Generation.Our website at www. wakeupcall. org details out much more than this book. Besides English, the Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Oriya, Assamese and Punjabi versions of some relevant portions are available. Only 7% of Indian understand English, therefore Indian languages are required. India 1st Priority 4 Export activities of the economy, other than soft ware Software and I. T. is 2. 5% of the Worlds GDP, we need to look at the balance 97. 5% of the economic sector in the world marketsThe five areas of economic activity, mentioned below, are only some examples, there are many others. 22 www. wakeupcall. org Economic and business reforms later 66 years of Independence, where are we? After 66 years of Independence, if we bench mark India against other countries of the world, especially with those in Asia, we note that though a lot has been achieved by us, a lot more needs to be done. We need to learn from our noncurrent and move boldly into the future. India has achieved many milestones, but not enough to eradicate poverty, illiteracy and other vital issues, for the 1,210 million people of India.In spite of Indias glorious past history and present outstanding world class quality of our human capital, which not only is amenable for(p) for running many organizations, in manufacturing, trading and services sectors, around the world b ut also responsible for advising many countries on this planet, we have not been able to put our own house in order to world class standards. We are not able to always use the best effective human capital for running the country, both for the public as well as the private sectors This needs to be suitably amended.In the first instance, we need to start taking some simple and effective measures which are for the good of the majority of the people of India. We should plan to become a resource base for world markets since 98. 2% of the worlds buying power and 99. 0% of the worlds trade is not with India Good Governance is the Golden Key Good governance can unlock Indias latent potential We have been analyzing Indias problems based on years of research, analysis and personal interviews with thousands of Indian citizens as well as NRIs and PIOs.India needs to improve its governance and administration to world class standards, as soon as possible. We intemperately believe that India woul d be rated as the No. 1 country in the world, as far as potential vs performance is concerned Let us unleash this latent power and energy for the benefit of the 1,210 million Indians, and for the benefit of mankind on our planet. India needs a new and innovative paradigm charge in thought process and planning for achieveing a 10% to 14% GDP growth rate per year 1. Why cant we have 100 zones on our coastline, each one kindred to a Dubai, Singapore or a Hong Kong?These 100 zones will in effect increase the GDP of India by 500% in 15 to 20 years China has more than 500 Special Economic Zones (SEZs) 2. Our suggested Relevant Manufacturing Policy for India can also enhance the GDP to double digit growth. We can achieve high growth rates of the Asian Tigers, including China, provided we follow such policies See our website www. wakeupcall. org and this book for details. 3. The existing educational policy, on human development, caters mostly for higher education. About 25 million people of different age groups, enter the system every year.About 3 million make it in higher education, the balance 22 million drop off at various stages. We need to change the policy to benefit these 22 million. 4. Make some part or parts of coastal India as tax free zones, Use the best examples of Mauritus, Isle of Man, Sychelles, UAE, Bermuda, Luxumberg, Monaco and Lichtchenstien. Tourism, exports, FDI, investment, employment generation, education, vocational training, infrastructure, law & order, reduction of corruption, improvement of health services and GDP can improve at a faster rate with education good governance and effective administration.Wake up Call for INDIA 23 India should learn from the best We should either try to teach the world, if we are better than them, or be humble enough to learn from the best around us, other options are irrelevant W. Edwards Deming, one of the worlds greatest management and quality gurus, when asked, what his one point formula for nations and o rganizations was, said, People are important. Experience of other countries Alan Greenspan, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of USA, once remarked that lack of labour rigidity is the key to success in the US.The US has benefited much more than Europe and Japan because American businesses enjoy the freedom to hire and fire and only keep the best human resources. S. E. Asia and China have greatly benefited due to flexible and fair (for the masses), human resource policies. India 1st Governance & administration Primary duty of politicians and officials 1. Rate of growth Due to reforms in the last tenner we consider 8% to 10% as the New rate of growth of the economy. India needs to grow at 10% to 14% per year, to meet the well being and aspirations of its people. This goal is achievable with Education, Good Governance and Effective Administration. . Democracy what does it mean? 2. Cost of Governance in India As per www. loksatta. org, an NGO based in Hyderabad, the expenditure on Governance of India, by the 790 politicians at the Centre, the 4,120 in the 35 States and Union Territories and the 19 million employees of the Central and State Governments use about Rs. 3,200 crore per day or Rs. 1,168,000 crore per year, both on capital and revenue accounts. About 1. 87% of Indians govern 1,210 million people This comes to about US$ 234 billion or nearly 14% of Indias Gross domestic product or GDP Are Indian citizens getting their capitals worth?Only you the Indian citizen can give the actual and final answer. You be the settle of your own country and decide. Our study clearly indicates that the people of India desire and deserve much better Governance and Administration. Democracy is of the people, for the people and by the people. Citizens must play an active role. As President John F. Kennedy said, ask not what the country has done for you, but what you have done for the country. In a world of globalization and keen competition, Indians will have to